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Michelle Bridges makes a searingly honest confession about being a single parent

The mother-of-one split from The Commando at the start of the year.

By Bella Brennan
As the woman behind one of the nation's most popular fitness empires, Michelle Bridges knows how to run an operation with military precision.
But in a raw new Instagram post, the 49-year-old admits that when it comes to her personal life, she often struggles managing the challenging demands of being a single mother.
On Wednesday evening, the former Biggest Loser star admitted she was second-guessing her recent decision to buy a cavoodle puppy for her four-year-old son Axel.
"Ok. I've been questioning myself, being a single parent, trying to run businesses, trying to give my son the most grounded wonderful life and run a household, as to what the $&@! I was thinking getting a puppy?!?!??!!!??" Michelle confessed, alongside a touching snap of Axel sleeping peacefully next to his pooch Banjo.
However, the 12 Week Body Transformation star then mused: "This photo answers it 🙏🏼."

Fans were quick to lend their support to the mother-of-one, who announced her split from partner Steve "The Commando" Willis in January.
"No family is complete without a dog :)," one person penned.
"Children should grow up with pets you are doing the right things ❤️👏," a second encouraged.
"Beautiful job mumma...one of the most special bonds in life," a third agreed.
Michelle unveiled her family's latest addition earlier in the week, writing: "The Adventures of Banjo. Yes I'm crazy... but oh so in love."
Michelle shares her four-year-old son Axel with ex-partner and former Biggest Loser co-star, Steve "The Commando" Willis. (Image: Instagram)
It was revealed that Michelle and Steve had broken up in January this year when Michelle was charged after being caught drink-driving on Australia Day, while Axel was in the car with her.
"It's been a challenging year for me, there's no question about that. And I'm so grateful for the people around me, my close friends and my close family," she told Morning Show hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.
"If you want to talk about real wealth, then you look around at the people who were there for you during the good, the bad, and the ugly," she added.
Michelle, Axel and Steve in happier times. (Image: Instagram)

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