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Michelle Bridges' fitness tips for over 50s

Photography by Chris Colls. Styling by Olivia Fleming.
The Biggest Loser personal trainer Michelle Bridges has been helping people fight the battle of the bulge since she was 14 years old. Here, she gives her top fitness tips for over 50s:
1. You're not too old! Don't kid yourself you're too old to start exercising — it's an excuse that we like to use that has no scientific merit. Your physiology will start to improve the moment you start exercising, no matter what age you are.
2. Pump iron: Strong women stay young and there's a strong woman inside your body waiting to get out. Lift weights at least three times a week. The benefits are amazing.
3. Seek help: Get professional advice from a qualified personal trainer or exercise physiologist and get a thorough health assessment and a tailored exercise program.
4. Plan you workout: The over 50s are generally more consistent and better organised. You can also do a lot more than you think you can. Take your time, but don't limit yourself.
5. Stretch: The two things we lose most as we age are flexibility and muscle mass. Stretch at the end of each workout and do at least one formal flexibility session — yoga, Pilates — each week.
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