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Michelle Bridges shares rare family photo from their European holiday

The fit family are enjoying some downtime in the European summer.

By Alex Lilly
While the majority of us are stuck here in Australia dealing with the winter blues, some lucky people are soaking up the sunshine in the European summer.
One of those lucky people is fitness guru Michelle Bridges, who along with her partner Steve 'The Commando' Willis and three year-old son Axel is enjoying some much-deserved rest and relaxation on the Croatian coast. And she's graced us with a rare family photo just to make us even more jealous.
Taking to Instagram, Michelle uploaded a snap of herself, Steve and Axel sitting at a restaurant table by the dazzling blue water smiling at the camera.
The former Biggest Loser trainer also shared another candid photo of Axel looking away from the camera and her post attracted many comments for his hairstyle.
"OMG, his bun is adorable!!! Such a cutie," one follower wrote.
Another penned, " euro man bun in Europe! What a little rockstar. 😍😍😍 Enjoy Mishy 💙"
"That man bun is boss 👌🏾enjoy the trip," commented another.
Say cheese! Michelle, Steve and Axel are enjoying some downtime in Europe. (Image: Instagram @mishbridges)
Nice man bun there Axel! (Image: Instagram @mishbridges)
Croatia hasn't been the only destination on the family's holiday.
Just four days before their Croatian snaps were taken, Michelle shared a cute split screen image of Axel dressed in a T-shirt and matching cap and some fresh cherries growing that were taken in the German city of Munich.
"Picking Cherries in the Germanic Barvarian forest ❤️❤️❤️," she captioned her snap.
What a lucky kid! Axel also went cherry picking in Germany. (Image: Instagram @mishbridges)
Michelle is all about getting out and about in the sunshine and has spoken about how she doesn't want her son growing up staring at a screen.
"I don't want my son always remembering me sitting on the phone," she previously told Now To Love.
"He's all but three years of age and there have been times when he's gone 'Mummy, get off the phone!' and I'm like 'Oh my goodness, I'm mortified that my three year-old said that to me,' because that's not anything I would've ever said as a three year-old to my mum, I don't know what I would've said by then. Regardless, he's watching me and what I'm doing."
WATCH: Michelle Bridges enjoys some fun in the sun. Post continues after video...
Shortly before she and the family jetted off, Michelle also posted a throwback to her last holiday in sunny Tahiti and reinforced the importance of downtime to her followers.
"When was you last "time out"? A week? A weekend? Truely time off?' she captioned her snap. "It seems in this era, we don't tend to do that like our parents or grandparents did. It's my firm belief, even if it's a walk along a beach for 1 hour, if it's for you it's of major VALUE! ❤️❤️❤️"
Ok Michelle, you've convinced us. Clearly it's time for us to book a holiday!

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