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"Thank you for being in my life and choosing me": Michelle Bridges organised the most precious birthday for her son Axel

''Happy birthday my little soul.''

By Faye Couros
Michelle Bridges has proved time and time again that her son Axel is her universe, and over the weekend, she made an excellent case for mum of the year by throwing him an early sixth birthday party.
The celebrity trainer wanted to find time in the school holidays to celebrate her son so all his friends could make it, and it looks like they had a swell time.
Mum-of-one Michelle shared a cluster of pictures from the day, which featured a gorgeous blue cake, Axel holding Lego themed cupcakes, a jumping castle, and finally, a video of the kids laughing with a hired entertainer.
"Wow! That was epic! A month early so we could have all our school friends attend as Axels birthday is during holidays… the most amazing cake by @the_cupcake_co_shop absolutely bliss! And my little man is kinda 6 (in a few weeks)," she captioned the party shots.

"We have the most heavenly friends and incredible school kiddos. Making a life, special, happy and grounded and oh so country life… 🙌🏼🥰🙏🏼 happy birthday my little soul. Thank you for being in my life and choosing me. We have so much to look forward too 💙💙💙.
"A nod to our lego life @legomastersau who puts lego on their cupcakes…???!! 🤩 #diehards."
Before the big day, Michelle shared a pre-party picture of her holding Axel at the venue with a rainbow made from balloons in the background.
"Birthday celebration! The entire class is coming… but for now we are under the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈country style community hall due to weather. So old school 🥰," she captioned the shot.
Michelle and Axel were all smiles in anticipation for the event. Instagram
The entrepreneur and former Biggest Loser trainer has made no secret of how much her son has transformed her life.
In an exclusive interview with Now To Love Michelle spoke about how Axel helps motivate her and how he has changed her approach to fitness.
"I'm not in my 20s or 30s anymore… I still want to look and feel my best but my biggest reason for keeping up my fitness and strength is for my son," the fitness expert admitted.
"I still want to look and feel my best but my biggest reason for keeping up my fitness and strength is for my son." Instagram
"I want to be able to run around with him, pick him up, carry my groceries, get up on a chair and fix something up in the top cupboard. I'm a single parent, I need to be able to do stuff!"
Well, it appears she has bounds of energy to take care of her son and make sure he's having the best time at all times.
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