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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ proud moment

The 71-year-old actor and his stunning wife share a touching moment of pride for their son as he delivers a powerful speech at a fundraising event.

By Katie Skelly
Michael Douglas couldn’t help but share a moment of triumph with his Facebook fans this week, uploading a photo of his son, Dylan, presenting a powerful speech at a school fundraising event in New York.
On Monday April 11, Dylan Michael Douglas took to the stage – in his finest suit, no less - to address the audience attending the Windward School fundraiser event.
His delighted father took a sneaky snap and uploaded it to social media with the caption: "So proud of Dylan! Speaking at a Windward School fundraiser."
It seems that like most parents on Facebook, the proud father simply couldn't wait to share his son's achievement.
15-year-old Dylan - who is the eldest child from the marriage between Michael and Catherine Zeta-Jones – has long struggled with the reading and writing disorder, dyslexia, and attends the specialised Windward School in New York for his difficulties.
The 71-year-old actor revealed his son's battle with the learning disability back in 2010 in a candid interview with The Guardian.
“My son deals with dyslexia to a degree," he said of his then-10 year old.
"It runs in the family and my brother has it. He goes to a special school."
Understandably, seeing his son take to the stage to deliver a stirring speech would have been a huge moment for the family.
The proud papa loves his children.
Michael and Catherine lived in Bermuda for 10 years before they relocated to New York along with their son and daughter Carys, who will be 13 later this month.
It was a move made to ensure their son Dylan had the best help with his learning difficulties.
"We lived in Bermuda until last September," he said in an interview with Parade Magazine.
"One of our kids has some special needs and it was recommended he go to a special school in the New York area. Knowing that, Catherine said, ‘Well, look, I’ll do a musical.'”
All grown up! The happy family pictured together at the Ant Man premiere last year.
The happy couple tied the knot in November 2000 after Michael fell in love with the brunette beauty at an event.
“I was just bowled over by Catherine,” the Fatal Attraction actor admitted to The Guardian.
“The first time I saw her I was watching The Mask of Zorro. I just sat forward and said, 'Who is that?'”
“We met for the first time later that year at a film festival. I was smitten with her, no doubt. I wasn't quite the son-in-law her parents had envisioned! I do like to wind up Catherine's father and call him Pops,” he joked.
Watch Michael Douglas open up on his rough patch with Catherine Zeta-Jones in the video player below!
The Welsh actress and her husband celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last November.

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