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EXCLUSIVE: Singer Melinda Schneider reveals she's getting married

The country singers heart melted when her son asked her to wed his rocker dad.

By Phillip Koch
Country music star Melinda Schneider and Choirboys singer Mark Gable are staging their own run to paradise – or at least a walk up the aisle – after their son Sully begged his famous mum and dad to get hitched.
"Last year he came up to me and said, 'Mummy, can you please marry Daddy?' smiles Melinda, who was in no rush to get married despite 13 happy years with Mark after a chance meeting at a trivia night.
"I said, 'OK, but you know Daddy and 
I are going to be together forever, and you don't have to be married to love your partner.' He said, 'I just don't want anybody else to marry you.' And we thought why not, if it makes Sully feel secure and happy."
Both Melinda, 49, and Mark, 70, have been married before and were happy with the status quo, but little Sully, eight – short for Sullivan – had other ideas.
"I thought let's celebrate, but also put it out there because there's not that much positivity in the world at the moment," says Melinda.
A family affair: The couple's son Sully helped dad pop the question to Melinda. Supplied
The couple posted a heartwarming video on social media last week to announce they were getting hitched in what could become the music industry's royal wedding.
"It will be a rock'n'roll wedding if we can have the one we'd like to have – I wish we could have 500 there," says Melinda, who has also announced her Love Songs tour, inspired by her love for Mark and Sully.
Melinda couldn't be happier to be marrying her soul mate. Getty
"We're hoping to get married in October on the [NSW] Central Coast, where we live."
Melinda says she knew within weeks of their first date that Mark was The One after falling in love with his authenticity, while Mark says it was like an "out-of-body experience" when he realised he'd found his forever soulmate.
Both Melinda and Mark are rock star royalty. Getty
Even Melinda's cheeky admission she was a much bigger fan of Wham than 
The Choirboys couldn't derail this love story.
"There was a little bit of magic from heaven when we met," she says.

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