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Mel B is “livid” with Victoria Beckham over her appearance on Carpool Karaoke

The former pop star’s are reportedly feuding over the highly-anticipated sketch.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Victoria Beckham - a.k.a Posh Spice - is the latest star to book an appearance alongside James Corden in ‘Carpool Karaoke,’ a recurring and ever-popular segment featured on The Late Late Show.
In the sketch, the 42-year-old singer-turned-fashion-designer returns to her roots to bash out a Spice Girl favourite: “Spice Up Your Life.”
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But her former bandmate, Mel B, is said to be “livid” that Victoria - who has thwarted the progress of a Spice Girls reunion on multiple occasions - is using the old material to promote her own career.
“Mel is livid Victoria is all of a sudden embracing her Spice Girls past after years of trying to distance herself from the band,” a source tells The Sun.
“She was desperate for the girls to go on a very lucrative reunion tour to celebrate their music with millions of fans. But once Posh pulled out, the idea began to crumble leaving the members of the band who were keen to perform having no choice but to ditch it.”
“Mel feels it’s unfair Victoria is now using their music to boost her own profile.”
In case you missed it… VB is also using the much-loved track in a television ad for her new fashion collaboration with Target US.
In 2016, Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell announced that they’d be reuniting to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their first single, "Wannabe."
Victoria and Mel C both turned down the reunion, with the latter releasing her own new music; a solo single called "Anymore."
The Spice Girls last performed as a five-piece at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony in London.
Victoria Beckham has been upfront in her belief that the new incarnation of the band should make new material.
Victoria recently shared her thoughts on the new band – now known collectively as GEM – while speaking with the Sunday Times' STYLE magazine.
“I do think they should use new material...because what we did as the Spice Girls was so special," she said.
“If they sang Spice Girls songs, I think it might be a bit sad.”
However, VB insists that there's no bad blood and when asked if she wished GEM well, she replied: “Of course, as a new group, I do. I [just] think they should sing their own material.”
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