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Mel B obtains restraining order against estranged husband Stephen Belafonte

Leaked court documents outline shocking domestic violence allegations.

By Kate Wagner
A week after filing for divorce, Mel B has obtained a restraining order against Stephen Belafonte and shocking allegations surrounding their relationship have emerged.
The former Spice Girl allegedly details multiple instances of her estranged husband beating and blackmailing her in the declaration.
When taping a segment with Usher on X Factor, Mel B reportedly accuses Belafonte of launching into a jealous rage and punching the singer in the mouth. When she asked how she could work with the injury, Belafonte allegedly said she should have thought of that before deciding to "flirt with and f-- Usher," TMZ reports.
The day after performing at London Olympics’ closing ceremony in 2012, it’s alleged Belafonte punched her with a closed fist which resulted in her face "actually scabbed over the rug burns."
He then reportedly forced her to tweet that she had received the injuries by running in seven inch Christian Louboutin heels.
The documents also allege Stephen impregnated the family's nanny, 26-year-old Lorraine Gilles.
Initially, Stephen wanted to keep the baby but the documents claims he changed his mind and paid for her to terminate the pregnancy.
“(He) told me he wanted to have the baby and all three of us live together. I was shocked and in disbelief," Mel explained.
The singer claims her husband would often compare her physical features to Lorraine's.
Mel, pictured with Lorraine Gilles, claims Stephen paid for the nanny to terminate her pregnancy.

According to TMZ, Mel B also claims he forced her to "participate in sexual intercourse with him and random women" while he secretly filmed the encounters. When she resisted the three-ways, Belafonte would allegedly threaten to release the sex tapes in an effort to ruin her career.
Despite trying to leave many times, Mel B alleges he "threatened me with violence and threatened to destroy my life in every possible way ... destroy my career and take my kids from me."
The singer reported Belafonte was in possession of a gun at home, which is a violation of the law due to a former domestic violence conviction involving another woman.
Their Hollywood mansion was raided by police earlier in the week in search of illegal guns, but none were found.
Mel B claims the abuse has been ongoing since 2007, however Belafonte categorically denied the allegations.
“I think someone’s trying to set me up to be a bad guy,” he told TMZ photographers.

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