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Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson's romantic post-Survivor reunion

''The first time I heard Megan's voice, it was like listening to this angel on the other end of the line.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
In case you thought you couldn't ship model Megan Gale and former AFL star Shaun Hampson any harder, we've got some news for you.
The stunning couple have opened up about their romantic reunion when Shaun came home after his eight-week stint on Survivor - and we seriously cannot get enough.
"Back at the end of June when the big fella got back from @survivorau we all got the hell outta Dodge (aka Melbourne) so we could spend some much needed family time together," Megan shared on Instagram last night.
"We hadn't been together for 8 weeks!! The longest we had been apart prior to that was 8 days so you can imagine how much we'd missed each other."
Megan revealed the couple took a road trip to Daylesford, just outside Melbourne, for a week full of "cuddles, hikes, walks around the lake & dinners out", with both Megan and Shaun's mothers coming along to ensure the couple could enjoy some much-needed alone time with just the two of them.
The couple, who got engaged just over two years ago, have two children together, River, five, and Rosie, almost two.
We can't get enough of these two! (Image: Instagram @megankgale)
Megan shared this sweet snap of her family enjoying their mini-holiday together when Shaun returned from Survivor. (Image: Instagram @megankgale)
Shaun has also spoken about how tough it was being separated from his family for the eight-week period.
"We all give up a lot to be out there. Megan was launching her business, I missed my son's birthday, I missed a lot with my own business," Shaun told TV WEEK.
And we absolutely melted when he opened up about the first time he heard Megan's voice after those long eight weeks after no phone or video contact.
"I'm not too much of an emotional guy, but the first time I heard Megan's voice like it was just like bizarre, it was like listening to this angel on the other end of the line.
"Like, hearing the same voices for 30 days, they start grinding on you, like you build these really good relationships out there [on Survivor] but while you're playing the game you can't trust anybody and then all of a sudden you get to make a phone call home to your partner who you just trust with your life, and it just was so amazing," he said.
Megan and Shaun have been together for eight years. (Image: Instagram @megankgale)
The couple have been engaged for two years and have two children together. (Image: Instagram @megankgale)
We also went completely glassy-eyed when we watched the moment Megan and Shaun spoke on the phone, with the gorgeous moment aired on the show on Monday night.
Megan said to Shaun: "I miss you … I'm sorry you got voted out," Megan told Shaun, then joked that the couple's son River was "not impressed" at her father being away for so long.
"He said to me, 'You or daddy are never going away again'," Megan said.
WATCH BELOW: Megan Gale's adorable video of her daughter. Story continues after video.
And like us, Megan is absolutely loving the thick beard Shaun grew during his time in Fiji.
"Have you got a massive beard? Keep it til you get home. I HAVE to see the beard," she told her partner.
We just cannot get enough of these two!

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