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Meet Nikki Webster's little princess: 'She's a Mini-me!'

Nikki Webster, the darling of the Sydney Olympics is over the moon with her 10-month-old daughter Skylah who is her little lookalike.
Nikki Webster has taken to motherhood like a fish to water: “It’s been such a wonderful journey and it’s so much fun,” says Nikki, 27. “I think every mother says it, but it’s a different kind of love … an unconditional, incredible love.
“Motherhood is obviously challenging and tiring, but it’s the wonderful moments like seeing her smile and hearing her say ‘Mummy’ that make it all worth it,” she grins, gazing at her “princess”. “It’s just amazing to watch her grow.”
Nikki and her husband Matthew McMah, 34, welcomed their precious girl into the world earlier this year, and she’s growing up to resemble her iconic mother.
“I think it’s the eyes – she’s got these massive eyes!” laughs Nikki, while bouncing petite Skylah on her lap. “I mean, my mum always says she used to get stopped in the shops because of my eyes as a kid. And now I get it with her… it’s really nice.”
It seems Skylah is just as much daddy’s little girl as she is mummy’s. “He’s a fantastic dad,” beams Nikki. “They have an awesome bond and he spoils her like crazy.”
Skylah is certainly a very lucky girl – her wardrobe is overflowing with frills and adorable outfits fit for a little princess. “She has two full wardrobes,” says Matt. “She has more clothes than me!”
But there’s a new addition to Skylah’s dress collection that stands out from the rest – a replica of the pink-and-white hibiscus frock that made Nikki famous.
“It’s pretty exciting to have a little dress for her,” she gushes.
“It’s something we’ll treasure and we’ll store the dresses together in a special place.”
Next year marks 15 years since Nikki shot to stardom when the then freckle-faced and curly-haired 13-year-old cutie soared high above Sydney’s Olympic Stadium in front of the 110,000-strong crowd and 3.7 billion people watching around the world.
“I’m an Aussie girl and to be given that opportunity at such a young age, to represent the country, it was my most incredible moment… well, until I had Skylah, now that tops the list of course!” smiles Nikki.
Nikki pulled her original dress out of storage for Woman’s Day’s photoshoot, and seeing it again brings a massive smile to her face.
“It’s just a sundress and for a lot of people it’s just a little bit of pink lycra or whatever and I know it’s not the most glamorous dress in the world, but to me it has a lot of memories.
“That night has so many incredible moments for me and I remember watching Cathy Freeman lighting the flame and I was counting in my head, ‘In this many years when the next Olympics is on, I’ll be this old… and in this many years I’ll be this old… I wonder if I’ll have kids by this year’.
“So to think I now have this little girl and she’s in the same dress, it’s pretty crazy.”

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