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Matty J's surprising tip to spicing up your sex life in isolation - and he's trialled it with fiancée Laura Byrne

“Now she can’t get enough of it.”

By Maddison Hockey
When you've been with your partner for a long time the initial excitement and lust can fade, just a little.
That wanting and desire to tear each other's clothes off at all times of the day (and night) becomes more like a bi-weekly occurrence... on a day when work and the kids haven't driven you straight to your PJs and a glass of wine.
Then you add in the isolation factor.
Constantly in one another's company and trapped mostly indoors, the romance can be even harder to find.
Fear not, Matty J has a tried and tested sex tip for spicing things up in the bedroom, plus it's free and easy (given your partner can grow facial hair).
Chatting to his co-host Ruby Teys on his podcast, The Babble, Matty J revealed he'd been receiving a lot of comments on his new isolation moustache.
The moustache in question (pretty impressive if you ask us). Image: Instagram
But the most important comment came from his fiancée Laura Byrne.
"When Laura and I were intimate for the first time after I had the moustache, it did get in the way a little bit," Matty admitted.
"Lights were off, we're in bed, now is the time and then she kept on giggling."
"She apologised and said, 'I'm sorry, it keeps tickling me.'"
WATCH: Matty and Laura's hilarious #FlipTheSwitch challenge. Post continues after the video...
Matt revealed Laura's intimate thoughts on the mo. Image: Instagram
If you've ever been with a moustached man, you'll be all too familiar with the tickle.
But, it's what she said next that really took Matty by surprise.
"With the lights off it feels like I'm having sex with another man, like I'm having an affair," the dad-of-one confessed.
Rather than take offence, Matty argues that it's almost like "role play."
"If you want to spice things up in the bedroom… Sure you could go get a sex swing OR simple and much more cost-effective: grow a moustache," he says.
"Now she can't get enough of it."
There we have it, if Tom Selleck is your type, you can live out your fantasy guilt-free or try your hand at a little role-playing.

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