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Matty J's mates meet his full-time rose, Laura Byrne

The Bachelor made a pretty sweet PSA: He has friends aside from Osher and they've given his girl the golden seal of approval.

By Chloe Lal
How Laura Byrne hasn't met Matty J's friends after taking out The Bachelor Australia 2017 is beyond us.
Given the fact Laura scored that final rose was the nation's worst kept secret, we're a little boggled she hasn't already done a casual Bondi hang with MJ's clique.
But never fear because the couple have knocked the big milestone out of the park.
And like all huge relationship moments, it has been shared to the masses thanks to one very happy Instagram post.

On Sunday, the 30-year-old was pretty chuffed when he uploaded a photo of his gal chilling with all his friends.
While Laura and Matty looked all kinds of happy sitting next to each other, the real star of the snap was the jewellery designer's three-legged dog, Buster.
"Cindy aka #1 aka Laura aka My Main Squeeze finally gets to meet my nearest and dearest," he wrote alongside the group shot, tagging their swanky Vaucluse Bay location and referencing his hilarious code name for her - Cindy - after his bike.

Laura seems to fit into Matty's life perfectly.
In fact, she exclusively told Now To Love, "We both want to get married one day, we both want kids one day, we both want to live in the Eastern suburbs."
Hanging in Vaucluse certainly helps achieve one of those goals... But don't expect the couple to live together just yet.
Laura told OK!, "I’ve just signed another year lease on my place, so I’ll be there for awhile."
With Matty making it crystal clear he's looking to settle down and start a family pretty quickly, this potentially throws a pretty big spanner in the works.
Though the 30-year-old admits that she and Matty have discussed children, she doesn’t feel any pressure to make it happen as soon as possible.
"I don’t want to settle just because I feel like my biological clock is ticking,” Laura admitted.
"I really want to be in an awesome relationship, and have that be the basis of having a family."
For now, we expect co-parenting Buster is more than enough!