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MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis reveals the "ugly" lingering COVID symptoms she can't shake

''I can't be bothered ever leaving the house.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Martha Kalifatidis has revealed the lingering COVID symptoms she can't seem to shake, more than two weeks after recovering from the virus.
The former Married At First Sight star and her fiance Michael Brunelli tested positive for the virus just days after getting home from their whirlwind USA trip.
The pair isolated for a week until eventually testing negative, but Martha has since revealed she still doesn't feel like her normal self.
"I still can't taste I still have like blocked ears, blocked nose," Martha told her Instagram followers. (Instagram)
"I know I've been so MIA on here, if I'm being honest I still feel pretty s--t after COVID and it's been over two weeks," the 33-year-old told her 600,000 Instagram followers.
"I've just got all these weird, ugly lingering symptoms like I don't really do much, I can't be bothered ever leaving the house.
"I still can't taste I still have like blocked ears, blocked nose. Anyway, I'm taking all the supplements I'm doing all the things, but like, f--k I feel like s--t."
The beauty influencer revealed that she even got "puffed out" from simply standing up to cook.
Later, Martha posted an Instagram Story after going for a jog up a small hill, saying the small amount of exercise made her lose her breath.
Martha and Michael tested positive for COVID after returning to Australia from LA. (Instagram)
"I have work to do. COVID was cruel to me. I was out of breath after 30 seconds," she said.
Martha and Michael tested positive for COVID in late December after touching down in Sydney from LA, and documented their isolation journey.
"We left LA, we had to show a negative test in order to leave and get on the plane so we showed a negative test leaving America. As soon as we landed in Australia we did another test, we showed another negative test and that was Christmas Eve so we went to Christmas with our family. Someone at Christmas had COVID and we're pretty sure we got it at Christmas," Martha previously said.
Whilst some other people in the family have it, Martha's mum and Big Brother star Mary "by some miracle" tested negative.
"COVID sucks, it is so f---ing s---, some people are like 'Oh it's just a cold' - it is just a virus but it's a pretty s--- one," the beauty influencer stated.
Described as "cold and flu symptoms and tonsillitis and gastro all in one", Martha explained that they've been dealing with symptoms including sore throat, chest burning, nausea, vomiting, fever and chills.
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