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Married At First Sight’s Bella moves on with another Michael!

The radio presenter ditched her TV “husband” and found love with another man named Michael!

They found their perfect match when they wed on Married At First Sight – or so it seemed.
But when the cameras stopped rolling Bella and Michael’s relationship fell apart, and it wasn’t long before she fell in love with the man she now hopes to marry one day.
“We broke up two weeks after the show ended,” says Bella.
“The relationship was so different when the cameras were rolling to when they were not.”
WATCH: Bella and Michael confess their love for each other on the MAFS finale. Post continues...
Despite their split, they remain good friends.
In fact the pair have even kept in contact since their amicable break-up.
Four weeks after their split, when she least expected it, Bella found love with another Michael.
Bella met her new Michael a month after her "marriage" ended.
“We met through mutual friends and I knew pretty quickly this was unlike anything I could have imagined,” reveals the Gold Coast radio presenter.
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