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Married at First Sight's Tracey Jewel claims she 'brutally' dumped Sean Thomsen

But the pair seemed to be enjoying each other's company on the weekend.

By Fiona Baker
What is really going on with Married at First Sight's Tracey Jewel? Did she brutally dump Sean Thomsen last week as has been claimed? Is she trying to reunite with "ex" Dean Wells? And what's with the gaming app promotion she released on the weekend?
Tracey has been reported as saying that she has dumped her fellow MAFS contestant Sean Thomsen - who she got together with after the filming ended five months ago.
About the break-up, she says she picked up fly-in-fly-out worker Sean at the airport and sacked him as boyfriend before they'd even made it back to the car.
Taking into account press times for the magazine she is quoted in, we;re thinking Tracey must have dumped Sean some time last week. But on the weekend it seemed the pair had obviously got over it - or at least were putting on a brave face for the cameras.
It could well be a case of "the show must go on". But still we're confused. Here's the photo posted by Sean over the weekend from an event at Crown Towers, Perth.

Meanwhile, Tracey has had a big social media weekend herself, releasing as strange video for a gaming app Coin Masters.
Captioning the video, which features fellow contestants Gabrielle Bartlett and Sean's MAFS "wife" Blair Rachael, Tracey says: "So here's my side of the story- What you thought that ended my relationship with Dean was wrong. It was not about the betrayal. It was not about trust issues. It was all a game... "
OK, we're confused - but another contestant, Nasser Sultan, is just plain angry with the whole promotional thing and the suggestion he believes she was making that her time on MAFS was just a game.
"It's laughable and dumb," adding that Dean was unaware that he would be dragged into this. "I was with him last night and I don't think he knew, it's bollocks and if people believe it then we have a problem.
Here's Tracey's video - see if you can work out what she's implying:

Any clearer? Tracey does allude to flirting with her ex Den, we think, by sending him a Foxy Lady card. But otherwise, we have no idea who she's with or what she's saying.