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Erin and Bryce are crazy in love!

Things are going very well for the Married at First Sight poster couple!

Erin and Bryce’s romance seems to be flourishing since filming wrapped for the controversial reality show.
Enjoying some quality time together in Melbourne, the lovebirds couldn’t hide their joy as they enjoyed a PDA-packed stroll.
And while the pair’s biggest difference on the show was their approach to starting a family – with Bryce keen to do it sooner rather than later and Erin wanting to wait until she isn’t in her early twenties – their latest outing has done little to dispel the baby chatter. c
During their date, Bryce placed his hand gently on his wife’s tummy.
“To be honest, I have grown a fondness for children,” Erin revealed, despite previously admitted having kids wasn’t top of
her list when confronted by her mother-in-law on the Nine reality show.
During their outing, Bryce placed a hand on his wife's belly.
“I’m young and I want to travel, and at the moment I have higher priorities,” Erin said at the time.
But it looks as though the 26-year-old retail manager may have had a change of heart.
Having a family of his own has always been a dream for Bryce.
“I’d like to have a family with Erin,” the 31-year-old has admitted. “I don’t want to be an old dad.”
The reality star has admitted he'd love to start a family soon.
Last month, the brunette beauty further fuelled pregnancy speculation when she uploaded a photo to Instagram that had fans asking if she had any news to share.
“im so sorry to say this but i thought it was a baby bump too...did bryce get ur eggo prego?#congratulations.#the uterus has been compromised,” one user penned.
“Pretty sure baby bumps don't sit right in front of your stomach,” another pointed out.
This is the photo that had fans asking if Erin had any news to share...
Speaking on Today Extra shortly after the finale aired last week, the pair said they’re happy to let nature run its course when it comes to babies.
“We really are just taking everything day by day. You’ve got to play it by ear, I don’t like putting pressure with that kind of stuff… [If the] the stork comes, that’s what happens doesn’t it?” Bryce explained.
Since the show wrapped, Erin has been living with Bryce in his Melbourne apartment.

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