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James Packer tells Mariah Carey: “Stop spending all my money!”

All she wants is diamonds and tigers and yachts... Oh my! Is Mariah Carey’s spending getting out of control?

The billionaire and his fiancée are yet to set a date for their wedding.
And now some of those close to James are beginning to hope it never happens, as fears rise about the rate at which Mariah spends money.
“Mariah spends $100,000 a month ordering exotic flowers from around the world to where she happens to be,” a close friend of James tells.
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The starlet likes to shop!
And apparently, 
the flower bill is just the tip of the diva’s ridiculous spending.
“When they’re on one of the boats, she has her stylist fly in outfits on a helicopter, and she spends tens of thousands of dollars in minutes," the pal continues.
Our source says Aussie friends who spent Christmas with the pair in Aspen couldn’t believe how over-the-top everything was. The decorations alone cost an estimated $100,000.
Nothing but private jets for Mariah and her kids... provided by James, of course!
The Aussie mogul's friends and family are so concerned about the diva’s outrageous spending that they’re secretly hoping the wedding never happens.
Friends say Mimi has burnt through much of her fortune from her music with “Michael Jackson-style spending sprees”, and now needs James’s billions to fund her extravagant lifestyle.
Unsurprisingly, the singer’s diva antics have also caused a rift in the Packer family, after Mariah allegedly refused to attend James’s sister Gretel’s 50th birthday party earlier this year.
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