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A very Mariah Valentine's Day... You have to see what Mimi and Bryan Tanaka did

Mariah Carey celebrated V.Day the only way she knows how - in lingerie with her new boyfriend right by her side.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
When it comes to love (and war), it’s been a tumultuous few months for Mariah Carey. But it’s clear the 46-year-old singer isn’t going to let anything stand in the way of her new relationship with backup dancer beau, Bryan Tanaka.
Taking to Instagram, Mariah left almost-nothing to the imagination as she shared an uber-cosy shot of herself alongside her 33-year-old boyfriend.
The loved-up pair are all smiles as they raise their glasses toward the camera which has us wondering… Mimi, may we ask who’s taking the picture?

She captioned the steamy shot, “Happy Valentine's Day!!” without forgetting to add a series of smug - though obligatory - Valentine’s Day hashtags, “#happyvalentinesday #happy #moments #bubbles.”
As if that wasn’t enough, one hour later the “We Belong Together” hitmaker went on to share two MORE snaps to Instagram.
The pictures - which appear to be from a previously organised bathtub photoshoot - show her don a bra covered in ‘Hershey’s Kisses’, as she splashes about in a bathtub filled with balloons, chocolates, streamers and confetti.
And we would expect nothing less from the original diva!

Bryan, who we hope has a sweet tooth, first crossed paths with the singer over ten years ago, when he was hired to dance in her Adventures of Mimi tour.
And while the pop star’s romance with Bryan was a key plotline in her recent reality show, not everyone’s convinced.
"I think the whole reality show is fake," Mimi’s ex-hubby Nick Cannon says of the E! documentary Mariah’s World. "I’m a producer so I know how [it works]."
Nick made the shock slam while he was chatting to SirusXM radio host Howard Stern, according to US Magazine. He says a major giveaway is the carefully arranged, soft-focus lighting that follows Mariah, 46, everywhere she goes in the show.
"You can’t have a well-lit private conversation," Nick says. "Like, that sh-t doesn’t happen. I don’t buy none of that sh-t."
He added: "It feels like they wrote the story. That sh-t is like a soap opera."
It seems only time will tell!

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