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Australian actress Margot Robbie sizzles in her new film, Terminal

Her killer costumes will shock you.

By Brittney Manning
Margot Robbie has sure come a long way from Ramsey Street.
Since leaving Neighbours back in 2011, the Aussie actress has made her mark on Tinseltown with three Golden Globe nominations, a Screen Actors Guild nomination and an Academy Award Nomination for the biopic I, Tonya all under her belt.
Proving her versatility, the 27-year-old will next appear in drama thriller, Terminal. Set in a sleazy underworld full of criminals and assassins, the story follows two hit men who are sent on a risky mission for a mysterious employer.
Margot plays the character of Annie, whose involvement with the two assassins is shrouded in secrecy.
"I loved that there were all these male characters running around thinking they're the boss of everything and they're in charge, when really she's pulling the strings," Margot tells EW.

In addition to her performance, Margot is sure to entrance the audience with her striking character. In the trailer, she is bolder than ever before in a faux fur coat and bright red lips.
"I loved it," the actress says."I'm counting cash in a big fur coat with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth, and just telling these gangster guys to shut up," she adds.
Director Vaughn Stein adds that her character is no damsel in distress.
"She can find the sweet spot in any of the men that she deals with," he says. "She can assess what they need and adapt in order to become the best possible predator."
Each costume represents Annie's adaptability and chameleon nature and the fact that she is leading a dangerous double life. But don't expect everything to go smoothly. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers on edge.
Margot's stellar performance as Tonya Harding earned her an Academy Award nomination.
Meanwhile, Margot herself is proving to be somewhat of a chameleon. With roles including the villainous Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) and disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding (I, Tonya), Margot is wowing audiences and her Hollywood peers with her dynamic resume.
And her talent isn't confined to her acting roles. Margot worked behind-the-scenes as a producer on I, Tonya and runs her own production company, Lucky Chap, with husband Tom Ackerley.
Terminal premieres in Australia in May.

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