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Margot Robbie takes AGES to respond to Prince Harry's texts

Off with her head! Margot Robbie's latest antics are far from neighbourly...

By Chloe Lal
The stunning blonde beauty kindly informed the world that she has Prince Harry's mobile number. And she chooses to not yield to this great power.
During a sit-down interview with Extra TV, Margot explained how it's no biggie.
Watch the chat in the player below... Post continues!
The 26-year-old joked that they do indeed message, but much to everyone's dismay, apparently she takes some time to respond.
“He’s pretty quick on text actually,” she quipped, adding (much to her fellow interviewee Will Smith's amusement), “Unlike me - I write back four days later, weeks later sometimes.”
Margot was first introduced to the prince by her Suicide Squad co-star, Cara Delevingne.
"They've know each other for years, and we met through friends," the Aussie beauty mused.
At that party!
Margot first met the fifth-in-line-to-the-throne, at Suki Waterhouse's housewarming party.
Just as you overcome the shock of the former Neighbours star not messaging him back with a sonnet or declaration of love, apparently she didn't even recognise him.
Check out Margot attempt to explain herself to Jimmy Fallon in the video player below... Post continue afterwards!
It does, indeed, get worse... She thought he was another famous ginger-haired Brit instead: Ed Sheeran.
"He got really offended," she told Jimmy Fallon back in March.
In her "defence", she tried to protest, "He wasn't wearing a crown though! Like, I don't know it's a prince!"
Not good enough Robbie!
Margot has come a long way since Ramsay Street.
Cara and Margot play lovable villains in Suicide Squad.
Recently Cara and Margot decided to play a prank on dear 'ol Captain Wales.
During their photoshoot with LOVE magazine, the model decided it was the perfect opportunity for her and Margot to message Harry and joke that he was in their dreams.
"Ok, what if we both text him saying we had a dream about him last night. Then he'll be like, what the f*ck? If we both randomly do it?," Cara cheekily suggested.
Dipping into her Harley Quinn personna, Margot got on board.
The charming royal quickly responded, "You two are obviously together. But I'm extremely glad I was in your dreams."
We're melting... TOO MUCH.

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