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From charming royals to sporting a wedding band... Uncover the mystery that is Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie recently suffered a serious case of mixing up the gingers.

Chatting to talk show king, Jimmy Fallon, the bubbly blonde explained how she accidentally confused Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran at a recent party.
"When I saw him in those glasses, I was like, 'Oh my God, I didn't know Ed Sheeran was at the party!'" she laughed recalling the incident. "He got really offended. He was like 'Shut up.'"
"You didn't know who Prince Harry was? He's the coolest!" Jimmy gushed.
Quick to defend herself, Margot quipped, “He wasn't wearing a crown, though, like I didn't know it was a Prince!"
Captain Wales and the girl from Oz crossed paths last year at a housewarming party thrown by their mutual friend, Suki Waterhouse.
Oh what a night! Can you spot Prince Harry? These were the wild photobooth pics from model Suki Waterhouse's party and it looks like a blast!
The two snapped a silly picture in a photo booth along with Harry's cousin Princess Eugenie, actress Sienna Miller and model Cara Delevingne.
Obviously, this has the making of the world’s greatest rom-com… Sadly for single Harry, it seems like Margot is officially off the market.
During her Tonight Show appearance, the 25-year-old was sporting a rather sharp silver ring on that finger.
Fans were abuzz after noticing the silver band on Margot's wedding finger.
It seems the former Neighbours starlet has found more than a good friend in her long term beau, British film director Tom Ackerley.
While she may be wearing a ring on her wedding finger, Margot is notoriously quiet about her private life, having never officially confirming her relationship status.
But her charismatic off-screen personality makes her loved by audiences around the world. In fact, the actress’ latest stunt definitely helped procure a legion of fans.
Margot and Tom Ackerley last year at a New York Rangers game.
Moving the spotlight to a fun game of Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Challenge, the talk show host confused the hell out of Margot.
The challenge is simply, read the other player’s lips while you listen to music.
Evidently, the Suicide Squad star discovered she was not a natural.
Margot may be able to master accents [Pictured below portraying American super villain Harley Quinn], but reading them is a whole new story!
With her ears covered by headphones, poor Margot struggled to identify "Bondi Beach," guessing everything from "a buzzing beach," to "but a beach" and even "bella."
"This is so hard!" she exclaimed. And she was right, especially considering Jimmy was pronouncing the iconic beach as “Bon-Di Beach”.
You have to watch to believe it! Check it the hilarious game in the video player below:

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