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Epic proposal alert: Man recreates Friends proposal in all its adorable glory

Even non-Friends fans will be smitten with this sweet proposal.

By Holly Royce
All the way back in 2000, (can you believe that was 17 years ago?!) Monica Geller proposed to Chandler Bing in the now infamous episode, The One With the Proposal.
Forget Disney, this episode gave an entire generation of millennials unrealistic expectations as to what to expect from a proposal - the feels are still very much real.
In a sea of viral proposals, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.
Adam Fishlock and Claire Brierley have managed to catch the world's attention when he decided to recreate Monica and Chandler's epic proposal for his diehard Friends fan girlfriend.
Talking to Digital Spy, Adam explained:
“We both absolutely love Friends, and we came to the very first FriendsFest within our first month of dating."
“When I saw that FriendsFest was back for a third year, I knew that it would be the perfect place to propose to Claire as the event means so much to us both.”
He planned to fill the replica apartment with candles (just like in the gif above) and pulled off the entire affair without Claire ever suspecting a thing.
To nobody's surprise, Claire said yes.
"When Adam appeared from around the corner, went down on one knee, and proposed, I couldn't believe he had done all this for me. It was such a magical moment, one that we will remember forever," Claire told Digital Spy.
Let's hope these two live happily ever after just like the Monica and Chandler.