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From Coupon Queen to PAGEANT Queen, Mama June’s using her weightloss confidence to take the stage!

You'll barely redneckognise her!

By Ellie McDonald
Just eight months since revealing her 136kg weightloss (!!!) on the red carpet for the very first time, Mama June is preparing for her next big achievement – to become a bonfide beauty queen!
Yep, after the myriad surgical procedures and the countless months spent in hospital recovering, not to mention the $100,000 cost of said-surgeries, June Shannon has her sights set on becoming a pageant queen.

As reported by The Daily Mail, in her new From Hot To Not trailer, Mama June shares her dreams of lighting up the stage in glittering, floor-sweeping evening gown, so much so that she’s called on her daughter, Alana (AKA HoneyBooBoo Child) to put her through her paganet paces!
“You thought Coach Mama June was rough? Wait til you meet Coach Alana,' HoneyBooBoo says in the trailer.
The trailer also shows us that Mama June has kept all of the 136kg she lost off, with the mum-of-four practising her on-stage strut in her kitchen as well as posing in an array of outfits (including a risqué photoshoot featuring Mama June in less clothes than ever before…)
ICYMI, last year, as part of her Mama June: From Not To Hot reality series, Mama June underwent gastric-band surgery and a rigorous workout routine to lose as much as 136kg in less than a year.

Following that, she endured myriad complex surgeries to remove excess skin from her body, including a gastric sleeve, breast augmentation, as well as extra skin removal from her arms, neck and stomach.
And, as previously reported by Now To Love, what she does in terms of exercises has helped her keep her weightloss in check post-surgery.

Her personal trainer, Kenya Crooks, says that Mama June’s get-fit journey began when he asked the mum-of-four what she wanted to improve and “make sexier”.
“I never say ‘What don’t you like about yourself?’ because that’s negative and defeated language,” he says.
“Mama June wanted to lose weight and tone up at the same time, so that was our mission.”

So, where did he start? First up, Kenya says that, either in person or via Skype, he would train with Mama June 2-3 times a week. His go-to workouts?
Three sets of 20 elbow crunches (where you bring your elbows up to your knees), the same for reaching sit-ups, then as many Russian twists with a medicine ball.
You do you, Mama June!