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Magda Szubanski's weight battle continues

Just like most Australians, Magda Szubanski has battled her weight for most of her life.

The talented Kath & Kim star parted ways with weight loss giant Jenny Craig last week after her second attempt to lose more than 30 kilograms.
Like millions of other Australians, Magda has battled her weight. She is one of us, the 50 per cent of women and the 60 per cent of men who are classified as overweight or obese in this country.
The chances of success from restrictive dieting is a slender one at best. The facts are, according to a growing cache of evidence, that weight loss by dieting is doomed to failure in the long run. It is now widely accepted that at least 80 per cent of those who achieve weight loss by dieting - some claim 95 per cent - will regain that weight at some point, usually within a few years.
More than that, there is a better than good chance they will gain more weight than they started with. And the reasons are locked deep in our psyche, deep in our biological make-up and deep in our emotional and physical bond to the food we both love and need to live.
With a previous deal rumoured to be $1.25million for her last wander down the Jenny Craig weight loss road, Magda has been the face of weight loss for years.
But this time, the much-loved celebrity has taken control of her own health and checked into a Queensland health retreat.
A favourite of The Weekly, Magda has previously shared her struggles with her body.
"I've been in tears with frustration and despair," Magda told The Weekly in 2009.
"It's really distressing to see something happen to yourself that you think you have no control over and no ability to stop."
Appearing on the Today Show earlier this year, Magda said: "For me, I'm never going to be skinny but it's about getting back to a level where I can be fit and do the things that I want to do and feel healthier," she said.
We wish her all the best.

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