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Magda Szubanski mourns the loss of her mother

The beloved Australian actress confirmed the heartbreaking news with a poignant post.

By Bella Brennan
Magda Szubanski's mother Margaret Szubanski has passed away, aged 92.
Magda, 56, revealed the sad news late on Monday evening.
Alongside a broken heart emoji and a photo of the Kath & Kim star holding her mum's hand, Magda wrote: "RIP Margaret Szubański 5/11/1924-4/9/2017."
In August, Magda revealed her elderly mother was in ill health and "fading."
"This is mum two months ago. She has grown so much frailer since then," Magda captioned a black and white shot of her mother looking out the window.
She continued: "Her voice has faded to less than a whisper. Her thoughts often an incoherent jumble of past and present, real and imagined."
"Now even her sense of humour is fading. I think maybe that is the thing I find hardest to bear. What Bette Davis said is so true - 'Old age ain't no place for sissies.'"

Margaret came from a poor Scottish-Irish family and met Magda's father Zbigniew Szubanski in Scotland.
They moved to Liverpool in England and welcomed Magda, who would go on to become one of the nation's most celebrated performers, in 1961.
In 2015, Magda released a fascinating memoir called Reckoning: A Memoir Magda, which not only explored her incredible career, but also revealed her father was an assassin who worked for the Polish Resistance in WWII.
Margaret was an unsung war hero and helped house Jews during the war. Last year, Margaret and her family were awarded the Courage to Care Award for their bravery.
Watch the powerful moment Magda makes a heartfelt plea for same sex marriage on The Project. Post continues after...

The star admits writing the book helped her deal with some of the confronting stories she'd learnt about her father.
“If it was, it was the slowest kind of catharsis. It is like if you do yoga every day and it changes you over time. It’s the same thing – you’re using your psychological and emotional and moral muscles as you write. It really changed me," she told The Guardian of writing the book.
We're thinking of Magda during this difficult time.

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