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Is Magda Szubanski the Weakest Link? The new version of the beloved game show could be heading for a flop

The beloved game show hasn't seen its rating soar.

By Woman's Day team
Nine's reboot of The Weakest Link, with funnywoman Magda Szubanski at the helm, has tanked in the ratings – forcing the network to reconsider the future of the show after three weeks on air.
"Although the casting department was in full swing to bring on additional contestants, they are now worried the show could be put on ice," a TV insider tells Woman's Day.
"The show just hasn't had the success expected, and going forward it will need to in order to justify the huge cost of filming more episodes. Cast and crew have all been left in the dark so far, but it doesn't take an expert to see the show's future could be in doubt."
Critics questioned the choice of Kath & Kim star Magda, 60, to follow in the footsteps of fan favourite, the late Cornelia Frances, early on.
Meanwhile, sources say her controversial political posts on Twitter may have made her a polarising figure among some viewers.
Is the Weakest Link, the weak link? With funnywoman Magda Szubanski at the helm the rebooted show has tanked in the ratings. (Channel Nine)
And it seems Nine knew they needed Magda to toe the line, allegedly asking her to tone it down after she was forced to deny that a string of tweets were about Prime Minister Scott Morrison's wife Jenny.
"Being told to tone it down while the show was on air didn't sit well with Magda," says our insider.
Magda replaced the late and iconic Cornelia Frances on the show. (Channel Nine)
"But she wants the show to succeed so she has followed the advice."
The source adds, "Magda is a great actress, but possibly has some viewers confused. Is she doing a decent job? Absolutely! Is it currently translating with the audience? Not according to the ratings."

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