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Magda Szubanski heartache over her mum not being able to vote for marriage equality

Her mother was passionate about the basic human right that everyone should have.

By Chloe Lal
It has undoubtedly been an exceptionally trialing time for Magda Szubanski.
She's considered to be one of the jewels in Australian comedy, and for the past few years she's been paving the way to help every Australian have the basic human right to love who they choose.
Her quest for marriage equality has been marred by a one of toughest battles to date, the passing of her mother Margaret Szubanski who died at the age of 93 earlier in the month.
The 56-year-old spoke to A Current Affair about her mum not being able to see out one of her hopes, casting a vote in the upcoming same-sex marriage ballot.
"I'm really sad that she died before seeing me have the same rights as her other two children," Magda said.
"The thing with my mum was that her acceptance, actually, and support of marriage equality came from her Catholicism, it wasn't at odds with it."
In the emotional interview, Magda hit out at former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, expressing that he's been using the "no" campaign for his own political benefit.
"He's such an attack dog, and he will destroy anything in order to get what he wants."
"It's also classic scapegoating, to do that for your own power."

The Australian icon, who became a household name from her roles in Babe and Kath and Kim, has faced incredible hardships in her campaign.
Many in the form of online trolls.
"I've been called everything from a pervert to a Nazi, to the gay Taliban," she said.
"How you can be a Nazi and the gay Taliban, I don't quite understand."
Despite all the negatives, Magda wants your voice to be heard, and for everyone to cast their votes before November 7.
"None of us wanted this nonsense of this Mickey Mouse survey that's not statistically representative," she said.
"It's not binding, it's so difficult. But we don't want people to use that as a reason not to vote. It is so important."
On the forefront of the "Yes" equality campaign, the actress has mused that despite her single status she hopes same-sex marriage will be an option when she "finds the woman of her dreams".
"My parents were married for 58 years… I hope that I could have that same institution there to back me up and support me. I hope that you would want that for me too."
And we hope so too.
Australia, you have till November 7 to post your ballot forms back.

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