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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS stars Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are planning their real wedding

And fans thought it was all over for these very secretive lovers!

By NW team
Married at First Sight lovebirds Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr have opened up to NW all about their upcoming real-life marriage plans.
The pair, who were wed on the second season of the hit show, exclusively tell NW that it's a case of when – not if – they'll marry (again).
"You don't stay with someone unless you think there is a long term future," says Bryce, 33.
"If things keep going well then of course we'll get engaged."
Erin's even more certain that he'll put a ring on it and soon!
"These photos would be nice for our engagement cards. I'm always dropping hints," laughs Erin, 28, at our exclusive photo shoot down in Melbourne.
It seems the pair has even given some thought to what kind of wedding they'd like second time around – and it would be a very different do to their 2016 TV ceremony.
Erin and Bryce have flown under the radar but they tell us marriage is on the horizon!

"I've thought about marrying Erin and to do it again it would have to be something really small, simple, something near the beach. Maybe a BBQ with friends and family around," says Bryce.
Erin adds that while she can't wait to be Mrs Mohr for real, a big showy wedding isn't for her.
"I never really wanted to have a wedding," she tells.
"I would rather put money towards something else. I thought that before the show and it's good that Bryce even wants to have a small thing too – it's perfect for us."
The Melbourne-based couple have proven that it is possible to find love on a reality TV show – and celebrated their second anniversary as a couple on November 6th.
But they don't pretend that it's been smooth-sailing all the way.
"I've thought about marrying Erin and to do it again it would have to be something really small, simple, something near the beach," Bryce reveals of their grand plans.
Erin sent fans into a frenzy when she unfollowed Bryce on Insta last year!
"You know when you break up for a day and you're like 'This is it, I am un-following him on Instagram. It was probably one of those moments," explains Erin.
"Relationships aren't all sunshine and rainbows. We definitely have our ups and downs like other couples do."
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