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MAFS star Zoe Hendrix has some advice for new mums

It seems the former reality TV star has learnt A LOT from her first two months as a new mum!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Zoe, along with her hubby Alex Garner, welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Harper-Rose Garner, on November 14, 2016.
The loved-up pair were the ultimate success story from their season of the Nine Network’s hit reality TV show, Married at First Sight.
And now, after two months of being a mother to little Harper-Rose, the 27-year-old has taken to Instagram to share with her followers the four things she would do differently if she was ever to have her time again.
Alongside a precious photo of herself cradling her newborn daughter, she wrote, “Looking back some things I will do different next time are accept any help that is offered from family & friends (those early days are not the time to be a superhero domestic goddess baby juggler).”
Sharing her second piece of new-mum advice, Zoe added, “Fill your freezer with food and your pantry with essentials. Tim Tams are essentials.”

Zoe’s advice for number three hits the contentious topic of “sharenting,” which has previously seen celebs like Zoë Foster Blake along with husband Hamish Blake and Roxy Jacenko come under fire for sharing too many photos of their children on social media.
She wrote, “Take more photos of your baby, and especially pics with your baby. Go mental, you can never have enough. Just don't upload them ALL to FB.”

Lastly, Zoe advised all expectant mothers to take some time out for themselves before the birth of their little one. She said, “Get some pampering and beauty treatment before babies [sic] birth, you deserve it and God knows when you can again.”
Judging by the comments on the adorable Instagram post, Zoe’s words of wisdom have been very well received.
One user wrote, “Yes, yes, yes!! My daughter is 10 weeks old now and I can totally relate. Especially to the good point about tim tams! One or two tim tams can bring you back to life in the afternoon when energy levels are low and you have no time to eat.”
While another commenter penned, “Love your honesty. It's all true.”
Proud parents Zoe and Alex show off their beautiful new daughter, Harper!
Zoe and Alex’s road to parenthood was fraught with heartbreak after they suffered a miscarriage before the conception of baby Harper. But since welcoming their daughter in November last year, they haven't stopped smiling.
Speaking to A Current Affair, the couple revealed that despite the sleepless nights they are seriously smitten with the newborn daughter, Harper-Rose.
"No words can really describe it. Everyone tells you it's the most amazing thing. But I can't literally put into words when your child is there and the three of us are finally together and you've gone through such a journey," an overjoyed Alex said.
Zoe added, "I think it would be a crazy dream to think you can go on a reality TV show and actually meet someone and fall in love and have a family. If you told me that before, I would have said you're crazy!”

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