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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’s Michelle Marsh on her shock relationship with Jono Pitman

Married At First Sight’s Michelle tells OK! about her plans to move to Melbourne for new love Jono just weeks after leaving hubby, Jesse Konstantinoff.

By Carrissa Lawrie
Michelle Marsh has a spring in her step despite the controversial week she’s endured since ditching her Married At First Sight "husband" Jesse Konstantinoff
And we think it might have some to do with her shock hook-up with season-two’s villain, Jono Pitman!
Remembered for his infamous "not what I ordered" remark about former bride Clare, season-three’s Mish isn’t fazed by his reputation, in-fact she says they formed a "bond" over their reality TV experiences at a MAFS reunion party, and tells OK! she’s well and truly ready to move on from Jesse, who she filmed her final scenes with back in 2016.
"It’s been four-plus months since Jesse and I ended the relationship," she explains. "That’s in my past now and I’m ready to move on with my life. I’ve been ready for a while."
And moving on she is – with Jono! "We are really enjoying hanging out together," she adds.

So much so that the new duo made their first public appearance recently at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, at Melbourne's Albert Park while on a double date with her twin sister Sharon and her own TV "husband" Nick Furphy.
So what does Shaz think of the negativity surrounding Michelle’s love-match with the bad boy?
"I watched the show and I thought he was fine," she tells OK!.
"I think it was just the aftermath [where] people got a negative vibe. He seems like a really grounded guy."
To make the new romance all the more convenient, Michelle reveals that Jono and Nick are actually "good mates."
"There’s lots of MAFS family catch-ups at the moment, and Nick is a good friend of Jono’s, which is why we got to spend some time with him," Shaz says.

So will Mish be making the move to Melbourne for her new man, just like her twin?
She’s not ruling it out! "It depends what’s going on with my life and work and love… I moved to London for love, so I’m very open to what the future holds," she says.
If that doesn’t work out, then Sharon jokes that she could step in. "I might drag her with me," she chuckles.
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