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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Sharon and Nick's exciting news

Reality TV's ultimate lovebirds spills their future plans to OK!... And yes, babies are on the way!

By Carrissa Lawrie
Earlier this week, an ecstatic Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy of Married at First Sight were beside themselves with joy when they sat down exclusively with OK! to share their very happy news.
And with Perth twin Sharon spotted out recently beaming as she "cooed" over baby clothes and carried a bouncer to her car, we were eager to find out exactly where TV’s newest lovebirds are at.
The couple's on-screen vow renewal had us all tearing up.
"I can’t give too much away," grins Melbourne-based carpenter Nick, 29.
But neither he nor Sharon can deny that they are very eager for a real-life wedding soon – not to mention they’re also keen for a baby!
"I’m definitely at that stage in my life [where] I would like to start a family and have a legal marriage soon," says Sharon, 32.
The couple took OK! inside their relationship and opened up about kids, IRL marriage and managing their long-distance love…
Shaz and Nick glammed it up for date night at the Glamour on the Grid Grand Prix party in Melbourne on March 22, 2017.

You dropped the L-bomb, Nick! Are you head over heels?
I think I am head over heels. She is adorable and I’m proud to say that she is mine.
Are you both thinking you’ve found The One?
Nick: I haven’t felt like that for a very long time, so it is pretty special.
Sharon: We are definitely committed to the experiment and obviously we have so much chemistry it’s making a fun foundation for things to come.
Sharon, is the L-word on the tip of your tongue?
Nick is constantly surprising me. You can’t help but judge a book by its cover to a degree, but he is full of surprises and I love that. We have some amazing times and they just keep getting better… It’s a lot of ‘like’ at this stage… a lot!

Are you still worried about the infamous Naughty Nick?
Sharon Naughty Nick is a part of Nick that I’m actually appreciating more and more… He has good intentions and with that I encourage a good laugh.
Nick: It’s just me being a bloke. When I settle down with Shaz, I’m definitely going to change my ways and keep that in the past.
So, long-distance – how are you guys making that work?
Nick: Distance is definitely an issue and we will sort it out. I guess it was a big deal in the experiment with a lot of couples, and it will be make or break for a lot of people.
Sharon: Long distance is something I said I wouldn’t do, but when you’re put in the position and you really give a damn about the guy, you make it work.
Are you guys disappointed that Sharon’s twin Michelle and her match Jesse didn’t work out in the end?
Nick: Yes and no. We were like the awesome foursome, but at the same time Jesse and Michelle have to respect each other and if it’s not going to work out, it’s not going to work out. You don’t want to keep on flogging a dead horse.
These two have some big plans for the future!

There’s lots of baby talk with you two – are you expecting?
Nick: Yeah, I’m pregnant. [Laughs] I definitely think I’m at that age where I want to settle down, so who knows?
Sharon: We both want li’l kiddly winks. Can’t wait!
Have you discussed how many?
Nick: I’d say two or three would be pretty cool, and maybe a boy and a girl.
Sharon: I hope that I have twins!

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