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EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gallagher's surprising update about his ex-MAFS bride Davina Rankin

Well, we didn't expect this from him!

By Rebecca Sullivan
It would be safe to assume that there is no love lost between former Married At First Sight couple Ryan Gallagher and Davina Rankin.
The duo were paired together during the 2018 season of MAFS, before Davina went behind Ryan's back and orchestrated a sneaky partner swap with another groom, Dean Wells.
Ryan opened up about Davina's cheating hell to his fellow I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! contestants in the South African jungle last week, when he told his campmates that Davina pretended she wanted to stay in the experiment for Ryan, when really she just wanted to pursue her connection with Dean on the side.
"We were on the honeymoon and we were intimate and stuff, it was all pretty flash," Ryan told his fellow contestants, including new love interest Charlotte Crosby, adding that he"got lost in the moment".
"As we're flying back from the honeymoon, as we were landing, she goes, 'You know when we get back we meet other people and you can hook up with anyone'," he said.
"It was awkward, because you both have to hold "leave" and she wrote "stay"… because she wanted to be with Dean."
Ryan and Davina never got along on MAFS. Channel Nine
He explained he was left in an awful situation, forced to stay on the show, knowing Davina was not interested in him at all, and was instead fooling around with Dean.
"I've got to live with her for another week ... knowing she cheated on me. I had to take her to my parent's place. I've only introduced four girls to my family," he explained.
"I didn't tell mum and dad what happened. I knew they would treat her different, so I left it. But Davina apparently had other plans. She told my mum [about the affair]. She started crying and everything."
Davina and Dean got together on the show, but are no longer together. Channel Nine
Even Dean weighed in on the drama after Ryan's comments on I'm A Celeb, slamming his former MAFS co-star and calling Ryan's comments "inappropriate".
"Ryan's a funny one. Him and I used to be friends and we don't really get along anymore. You know, he plays his role really well. Not many people from 'Married At First Sight' really speak to Ryan anymore, including myself," Dean told 10 daily.
"The fact that he brought up stuff about Davina, who's just recently had a baby, you know I think it's a little bit inappropriate."
Ryan lost 10kg after his time in the jungle, but gained a romance with former Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby. Channel 10
Ryan and Charlotte sharing a smooch in the jungle. Channel 10
Of course, all three MAFS stars have now moved on from the petty love triangle.
Davina has a baby daughter, Mila-Mae, with her new boyfriend Jaxon Manuel, while Ryan is seriously pursuing a relationship with his I'm A Celeb co-star Charlotte, and Dean appears to be single, although rumours are swirling he could be hired by Channel 10 as the next Bachelor.
WATCH BELOW: Ryan quizzes Davina on where she's been on MAFS. Story continues after video.
When asked how he feels about both Davina just hours after exiting the jungle, Ryan told Now To Love there is no bad blood between the pair.
"I think she's doing very well," he told us. "I wish her all the best".
And was he pissed off by Dean's not-so-kind comments about him?
"No, not at all. I hear he's doing well too."
Perhaps his new romance with Charlotte has softened the blow, or maybe it's just that age-old saying - all wounds really do heal with time.