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Married At First Sight's Nick and Sharon on how they set up Sharon and Jono

Our fave MAFS couple reveal what's next for them and how they ended up playing matchmaker.

By NW team
Nick Furphy, Sharon Marsh, Michelle Marsh, Jono Pitman

NW sat down with Married At First Sight power couple and apparent matchmakers Nick Furphy and Sharon Marsh, who delivered all the juicy details on setting sister Michelle up with Nick’s mate and former MAFS "villain" Jono Pitman. Rumour has it, things have gotten so serious, she’s planning moving to Melbourne for him. We got the lowdown...

So we hear there’s a new awesome foursome in town?
Sharon: Oh dear! Is that the whole Jono and Michelle thing?!

Of course! How did that happen? Have you two been playing cupid?
Nick: Obviously I’m good friends with Jono. He offered the girls moral support because he was “the villain”. What Jono went through was hard, so I did offer them contact with him.
S: Jono was amazing [with offering support] and Nick’s friends with him, so when we went out we invited him along. He’s a lovely guy and we spend lots of time with him when we were in Melbourne.
N: That’s where that probably started. Is that being cupid? Not really – that just came from it!

Well Michelle looks super-happy with him
N: Yeah, she’s happy. It’s good hanging out.
S: Michelle is a naturally really high-energy, highly positive and happy-go-lucky person. Being on the show, her personality was somewhat suppressed for obvious reasons, I guess… now she’s back to her normal self, where she’s just enjoying life and enjoying the great people she surrounds herself with.

We hear you're moving to Melbourne, Shaz?
S: I’ve just rented out my house and chucked all my furniture in storage so I can get up and leave whenever. It’s all happening – I’m ready to go!

And then what’s next for the two of you?
S: I am hoping 10 years down the track, I’ll still be happy with Nick, we’ll have kiddies and we’ll be able to share this story with them. It’s kind of a miracle. The universe has put us together for a reason and we’ve got to hold on to that and pinch ourselves every day that we are so lucky.

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