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MAFS’ Cheryl Maitland’s painful journey to be rid of her biggest regret makes our skin CRAWL

We’re not squirming, you are.

By Ellie McDonald
Judging by just how much we know about MAFS’ Cheryl Maitland, we think it’s fair to say that Chez isn’t afraid to reveal every tidbit of information about her personal life.
And hey, we’re not complaining; Cheryl has let us in on her love life, tavel snaps and pre-boyfriend gypsy quotes about the ups and downs of dating.

^ Thanks, Chez.
Today is no exception, with the reality TV star opening up about one of her biggest regrets, and what she’s doing to take it back.
Yep, Gold Coast native Cheryl is going through the painstaking task of having a large tattoo on her back removed.
Image source: Instagram.
Image source: Instagram.
Taking to Instagram to let her 150K-strong fans in on the gruelling process, the 26-year-old said that she’s been trying to remove the tattoo with laser treatments since 2015.
'So for everyone asking about my tattoo removal, I've been getting it removed for over two years and I only go every couple of months,” she said, along with posting a picture of the sem-removed tatt, captioned: “No regrats [sic]”.
“It said perfectly imperfected, which means I think my imperfections are what makes me, but I feel I don't need that on a tattoo to say that anymore, so I just want to get rid of it!”
“Yes, it does hurt a lot. It hurts the first time because there's more ink, but less ink you get, the less it hurts and the redness goes away, so it's not too bad,.”
Err, good luck with that, Chez!
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