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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS star Andy on being dumped by Vanessa

Following his unceremonious on-screen dumping, MAFS "nice guy" Andy chatted to OK! about the devastating break-up... and the new love of his life!

By Carrissa Lawrie
After taking Vanessa’s heartbreaking split last night like a champ, Andy Hill might just have set himself up as Australia’s most eligible bachelor!
The 30-year-old left viewers sobbing on their sofas when Melbourne local Vanessa, 31, sat him down by a river in his Gold Coast hometown to end their relationship.
“I think you’re amazing and you have heaps of good qualities but it’s not what I’m looking for in a relationship and it’s unfair for me to ask you to be those things,” she said before bursting into tears.
A clearly upset Andy then proved he was the perfect gentleman by leading his distraught ex away from the cameras to comfort her. What a sweetheart!

“I was disappointed I left the show without someone. [But] we were just too different,” he tells OK! exclusively.
He then dropped a bombshell, explaining that the split wasn’t exactly one-sided.
“It became a mutual decision to break up,” he spills.
“Honestly, I wouldn't usually go for someone like Vanessa. If we met under different circumstances we probably would not have tried to make it work.”

There are no hard feelings between the pair, however, and Andy says they’ve stayed in regular contact as friends… although his mum certainly would’ve liked things to turn out differently!
“Mum was upset – she really liked Vanessa,’ he admits.
So, is the former army combat engineer, who has recently taken up a part-time gig as an Uber driver, looking for another lady?
“I'm in no rush to get into a relationship at the moment,” he tells.
Although, he reveals, he has recently found a special someone to keep him occupied before he heads off shortly to tackle the Everest base camp trek...
“I have since got a new puppy, so he keeps me company,” Andy tells.

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