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Madonna and son Rocco make up for lost time

Superstar Madonna has reunited with her 15-year-old son Rocco, amid a bitter custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

It’s been a tumultuous time, to say the least, but it seems the dust has finally settled for the Vogue hitmaker.
Now, after months spent in and out of court fighting with Rocco’s father, Guy Ritchie for custody, Madge and her beloved son are finally making up for lost time.
Over the weekend the 57-year-old posted a sweet photo to her Instagram account where she stood next to her son -who now towers over her – while placing her head contently on his broad shoulder.
The cuddled-up snap was the third in a series of three photos with her kids uploaded by the blonde beauty, which all together made up the phrase: "Love is all we need.”
Fans couldn't be happier to see Madge and Rocco reunite. The star posted this happy snap of her and her son enjoying a night out in London.
Since the legal battles, the starlet's relationship with her son has gone from strength-to-strength.
In fact last month Madonna returned to London with the sole purpose to repair their rift.
A clip obtained by MailOnline showed the 57-year-old and her son leaving the Electric Cinema together after enjoying an evening screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in London’s trendy suburb of Notting Hill.
It was a touching scene to see the pair reunite with happy faces, given Madonna’s boisterous few months spent on her controversial Rebel Heart tour which she endured scrutiny on her tardy performances and sloppy behaviour, amidst the seemingly never-ending custody battle.
The superstar’s offspring had been at the very centre of the bitter dispute ever since he refused to return to his mother’s New York home after visiting his dad Guy Ritchie and step-mum, Jacqui Ainsley in December.
However, a source close to the family revealed last month to Mail Online that things are finally “getting back to normal” after the ongoing disputes.
"Since Madonna's return to London, things have taken a definite turn for the better,” the insider revealed.
"Everyone is happier than they have been for weeks and it's great for all of them that life is getting back to normal."
It seems that Rocco’s been noticeably more joyous since his mother’s arrival in the UK.

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