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Is Lleyton Hewitt heading to the I'm A Celeb jungle? Tennis star is nowhere to be seen as Bec and her daughters set up their new life in Sydney

He's all but disappeared from the public eye.

By Woman's Day team
They were seen looking tense together at the Australian Grand Prix in March and nine months later Lleyton Hewitt has all but disappeared from the public eye, while his wife Bec has seemingly set up a new life in Sydney without her husband.
Last week, Bec, 37, alongside her daughters Mia, 15, and Ava, 10, were spotted in Sydney's CBD, where it's believed her eldest daughter has landed a much sought-after retail job at fashion boutique Dior.
During the outing, a clearly proud Bec was seen walking her daughter to the glass doors of the luxury boutique as she gave her a last-minute pep talk before her shift. It's the latest sign that Bec and her two girls are permanently moving to Sydney and looking to bring in the new year with a fresh start.
Rumours surrounding the state of Bec and 39-year-old Lleyton's 15-year marriage have been unrelenting this year, with sources claiming the pressure of Melbourne's lockdown has taken its toll on the couple's already fragile relationship.
Not used to spending so much time together, it's believed the pair struggled to get along without their usual freedom from one another, and fights erupted over Lleyton's seeming obsession with making the couple's son Cruz, 12, into a tennis pro like his dad, while Bec's desire for their girls to follow her into showbiz has also caused tension.
Bec was seen walking with her daughter in Sydney in December. (Media Mode)


Interestingly, it's not the first sighting of Bec in Sydney.
The mother-of-three was spotted looking downcast outside the iconic Opera House a few days earlier with her mum Michelle Cartwright, sister Kristy Chapman and Mia in tow.
Earlier this month, it was reported Bec had been seen househunting alone on Sydney's exclusive Northern Beaches.
According to insiders, the star was smitten with a Manly mansion worth an eye-watering $15 million but narrowly missed out.
The area holds a special place in Bec's heart, given she grew up there and it's where she worked on the soap that made her a household name.
It's been a year of big changes for Bec, as she cemented herself back in the spotlight thanks to a new gig on upcoming drama series Time & Place, but as her professional life looks to be reignited, the state of her marriage seems to be in question.
Bec was joined by her sister and mum on her Sydney outing. (Media Mode)
With rumours swirling over Lleyton's disappearance, one insider tells Woman's Day the tennis ace could be spending time in the jungle.
"It's no secret Ten love a sports star - Warnie and Fev's season was ratings gold and it would explain where Lleyton's been," says a TV source, adding the tennis ace would likely command a similar fee to Shane Warne, who was paid $2 million in 2018.
"After a year of struggling to work, no one would blame Lleyton if he wanted to cash in on his fame!"
Has Lleyton headed to the I'm A Celeb jungle? (Getty)

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