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EXCLUSIVE: Liz Ellis welcomes a baby boy!

Congratulations to the new parents!

What wonderful news!
Liz Ellis and her husband Matthew, along with their daughter Evelyn, have welcomed a little baby boy.
Liz confirmed the news exclusively to The Weekly and shared the name of her gorgeous new baby.
“We are happy to announce the arrival of a baby brother for Evelyn. Austin Ralph Stocks was born last night. He weighs 4.37kg, is 52 cm and has a full head of hair”.
Liz recently opened up to The Weekly about the three miscarriages she and Matthew suffered trying to conceive their longed-for second child.
The first miscarriage, Liz recalls, didn’t upset them that much, but the second was a different story.
“For the first time, my age really hit home,” she said. “I was 40 at the time and, for the first time, I started to think maybe I’m not supposed to have another baby.”
Yet they decided to keep trying, this time turning to IVF.
However, on their second cycle, Liz fell pregnant again, but it wasn’t meant to be.
“This miscarriage was the hardest one,” she says. “It was the beginning of last year. I was 42 years old. My body was a mess of hormones. I was distraught and I went into a depression.
“And because making a baby has started to consume your every waking thought, you start reflecting on how stupid and careless you’ve been. We’d been married 16 years. Why didn’t we freeze embryos? Why didn’t we get started earlier?”
After three more rounds of IVF, they had given up when Mother Nature dealt them an unexpected hand.
Congratulations, Liz, Matthew and Evelyn! We couldn’t be happier for you!

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