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Lisa Wilkinson visits Rebecca Judd and the twins!

And asks all the questions we’ve been dying to know.

Prepare yourself for what is perhaps the sweetest segment to ever grace the Today show.
Lisa Wilkinson has been generously welcomed into the Melbourne home of Rebecca and Chris Judd, who brought twin boys Tom and Darcy into the world in late September.
After a brief tour of the family’s Pinterest-worthy abode, Lisa sits down with the new mum-of-four for a candid, one-on-one chat.
In a bid to get the answers we’ve all been dying to hear, the veteran TV host first asks which of the two sleeping cherubs came into the world first.
“Tom is the biggest and oldest by one minute,” the fashionista told Lisa before revealing their exact birth minute.
“12.43pm and 12.44pm,” she continues, gesturing to Darcy. “He was about 400grams lighter and he still is.”
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Too cute!
In a clip that will surely melt hearts, Bec asks her AFL star husband which son he holds as the pair relax together on their lush couch.
“Darcy… I think!” he replies, unsure.
It’s not the first time the brunette beauty has made humour of Chris’s difficulty in telling his sons apart.
The presenter recently took to Instagram with a darling snap of her newborns side-by-side. In the caption, she reveals a fascinating insight into how she differentiates between the two.
Can you tell them apart?
"Yes, identical, but I can totes tell them apart. Different shaped heads, different hairlines, a stork bite on opposite eyelids, Darcy's nose is slightly more turned up," the 33-year-old penned next to a photo of her bubs.
She went on: "Plus, their personalities are totally different (phew! I was worried they'd be the same too)."
"Don't worry boys, Mum's got her crap together, your father on the other hand," Bec teased.
The twins complete Bec and Chris’s now family of six. The couple already share a son, Oscar, four, and daughter, Billie, two.
What a picture perfect family!

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