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Lisa Wilkinson makes a stirring, impassioned speech about Trump in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill riots

The Project host made her message clear.

By Jess Pullar
Lisa Wilkinson has spoken out in the wake of the troubling Capitol Hill riots, which dominated headlines and caused chaos in the White House on January 6.
The Project host, who has bravely used the show's platform before to speak out about other distressing and troubling topics, spoke at length on the show about outgoing US president Donald Trump's concerning actions, calling him a "criminal".
Yesterday, Trump supporters violently stormed Capitol Hill as they attempted to block congress from certifying the 2020 election results, which saw Joe Biden win.
Egged on by Trump himself, the people, who have since been labelled "domestic terrorists" by Joe Biden, forced both chambers of Congress into recess while protesters violently clashed with police.
Speaking about the harrowing event, Lisa said of Trump: "The fact that he refuses allow this peaceful transfer of power, in my mind makes him a criminal."
Lisa Wilkinson called out Trump's actions as "criminal". (Network Ten)
She continued: "Mike Pence has been loyal to him for four years, there was no thanks to Pence today from Trump."
"All of those people who have allowed this to happen, it was always going to end like this. Even still, it is so awful to watch this great western democracy just completely collapse."
She also described Trump as "clearly unhinged".
The Project host isn't afraid of voicing her opinions on the popular show. (Network Ten)
Lisa isn't the only Aussie celeb to speak out about the troubling events in the US.
The Bachelor's Osher Gunsberg also took to Instagram to share a throwback snap from pre-9/11, when he last visited Washington DC.
"This is the last time I was in Washington DC," he wrote in the post.

"It was also the last day of a period of history known as "Pre 9/11". We skipped town that night and headed back to NYC, where the next stage of modern history began.
"Yesterday was the same. ⁠A day we'll remember as what things were like before the 6th of January 2021. ⁠Now, there is only after. ⁠How it looks, how we create it, how we shape it? ⁠That's up to us isn't it?"

According to ABC this morning, the events in Washington DC have transfixed political officials on our own shores.
Anger, disbelief, horror and uncertainly were among the words used to describe the feelings from our own Government.
The news outlet's foreign affairs reporter Stephen Dziedzic wrote that the reaction from foreign policy professionals and MPs in Canberra was "instant".
"'I can't quite believe what I'm seeing,' one Australian official wrote to me," Dziedzic described in the article.
'"Horrifying. Awful,' wrote one parliamentarian."
Another texted the journalist that it was "terrible".
Meanwhile, backbenchers from both sides of the government condemned the actions from the US.

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