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Inside Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons' Parisian holiday

All loved-up in the city of love!

By Alex Lilly
In the last 12 months, Lisa Wilkinson quit her 10-year hosting stint on Today, swapped networks and started her new job on The Project and tragically lost her mother.
So there's no doubt that the acclaimed journalist deserves a holiday, and where better than the beautiful city of Paris?
Lisa and her husband and fellow journo, Peter FitzSimons, have been strolling by the Seine, indulging in delicious pastries and enjoying each other's company. And we're totally not jealous at all...
Hmmm wonder which city they're in...
The couple celebrated 25 years of marriage in October with a vow renewal ceremony and it's clear that they are still a team even after all those years.
Lisa shared a selfie to Instagram that all long-term couples can relate to, captioning it, "Big shout-out to all the wonderful husbands out there who have tolerated this...
Me: "Darling, I just want to grab something from that shop over there."
Him: "How long will you be?"
Me: "Ten. Tops."
Him: "OK, I'll wait here."
Me (45 mins later): This photo.
Thank heavens for mobile phones, hey?"
Couple goals!
Lisa and Peter were first introduced by mutual friend and 60 Minutes star Liz Hayes and just three months after they met, the two tied the knot.
Speaking to Mia Freedman on her No Filter podcast in 2016, Peter revealed, "It just felt right. It didn't feel hard. It was on a Sunday night, and I said: 'I'm tired of this, will you marry me?' And she said: 'Yes, I will marry you.'"
"We don't have 365 blissful days a year. I say we have 50 blissful days a year, 300 pretty good days and 15 shockers. But as we have got older, no joke, 15 shockers are now down to three shockers."
Lisa and Peter look as loved-up as ever.

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