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Lisa Wilkinson just dropped a BIG opinion bomb about Meghan Markle: "I think she married into the wrong family"

The TV host believes the now-royal might be held back when it comes to reaching her full potential.

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying Duchess Meghan's life has changed dramatically since she married into the royal family, but has she been cut short of her full potential?
Well, it seems that's a question being begged by none other than Lisa Wilkinson right now.
Making a bold statement on The Project on Monday evening's show, Lisa weighed in on the royal, questioning whether it was the right move for her to marry into the British royal family when she had so much potential to spread her wings further.
Lisa Wilkinson has weighed in on Meghan Markle's decision to marry into the British royal family. (Image: Network Ten)
While discussing the recent media reports claiming that Meghan was now giving Harry acting lessons in order to help his public speaking abilities, Lisa weighed in.
"The only pity I reckon with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is I feel she is so intelligent and so good at public speaking," Lisa said to her co-hosts on the show.
"She's really strong in areas like girls' education and homelessness, poverty. I think, did she marry into the wrong family?"
Wilkinson then went on to explain she believed Meghan might get "held back" despite believing there was "so much good she could do."
Lisa is well covered when it comes to all things royal, having flown to the UK last year to report live from Meghan and Harry's royal wedding itself.
And quick to the mark after Lisa's surprise comments, Waleed Aly asked her: "Did you mention this when you covered the royal wedding last year?"
"There were frocks to talk about on that day!" Lisa laughed.
Watch the full clip in the player at the top.
Lisa covered the royal wedding from Windsor Castle. (Image: Instagram / @lisa_wilkinson)
Lisa also discussed Meghan and Harry's differences to Duchess Catherine and Prince William.
"I think [Harry] is better [at public speaking] than William and Kate, those two are just a little bit clipped, a little bit over-rehearsed, whereas Harry, his whole approach to life has always been more relaxed."
WATCH: Prince William and Prince Harry watch old family videos together. Story continues after video...
Meghan has made a name for herself being a staunch advocate for women's rights and social change, and has given some impassioned speeches on several occasions since becoming a royal.
On International Women's Day this year, Meghan attended the Queen's Commonwealth Trust's panel with several other female leaders including former Australian PM Julia Gillard.
"I know that she is someone who is very passionate about the cause of equality, as is Prince Harry and he demonstrated that in his [We Day] speech and certainly revved up the crowd," Julia told Hello! of her co-panellist.
"If things are wrong and there is a lack of justice and an inequality, someone needs to say something—and why can't it be you?" Meghan said during the event.
The Duchess also spoke about women's education, something that she has spoken about several times previously and is very close to her heart.
"It's not just about girls going to school and becoming smart women, it's knowing that those smart girls become influential women and that ends up changing the world for the better," she said.
Watch her empowering speech in the video below. Story continues after video...
With Lisa's words in mind, Meghan is still utilising her now-royal platform where possible to spark conversations around feminism and women's rights.
But now, as she prepares to welcome her first child with Prince Harry in the coming weeks, we can only hope that she can continue to speak up on the important topic when the opportunity arises.