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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor in Paradise's Luke McLeod breaks his silence over Lisa Hyde's pregnancy

The Bachelor in Paradise couple broke up after a few months of dating amid allegations Luke cheated on Lisa.

By Anita Lyons
Over the weekend, former Bachelor in Paradise star Lisa Hyde announced her pregnancy with a very cute gender reveal video and photo shoot.
The 32-year-old, who is expecting a little girl with new partner Damon Collina, had reality TV fans in a tizz when she uploaded the news - and the flow of support flooded in.
"It's a girl 💕🦄🌸🎀 Thank you to all our amazing family and friends who witnessed this special moment with us! We had no idea of the gender until this moment, thanks @balloon.saloon for keeping it a secret and @harrietmears for capturing this video 🙀", she wrote in a sweet post on her Instagram account.
While it's only been public news for a few days, Lisa is getting a lot of love and support over her wonderful news, including someone you'd least expect - her former flame and BIP castmate - Luke McLeod.
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Luke Mcleod (L) and Lisa Hyde and her boyfriend, Damon Collina (R). (Source: Instagram)
Speaking exclusively with Now To Love, Luke congratulated his ex-girlfriend on her wonderful news.
"I'm genuinely happy for her," he told us, while adding, "I'm sure she'll be a good mum!"
Naww, that's sweet! Because when else can you reach out to an ex if not during a happy time like this?
Unfortunately for Luke and Lisa - their relationship didn't have such a happy ending.
In fact, their romance famously imploded after leaving Paradise.
Luke and Lisa on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in 2018. (Source: Instagram)
It was widely reported that Luke lost Lisa's trust by cheating on her, leaving the gorgeous brunette (and the rest of Australia!) heartbroken.
They were certainly one of the strongest couples on the show from the get-go and but after they chose to leave the island together in a shock romantic exit - things didn't work out the way they planned.
At the time, Lisa felt that Luke "ticked all of her boxes" and the pair dated for several months.
"Unfortunately the trust was lost, and I respect myself a little bit too much to let somebody walk all over me like that, so we separated," she said in an interview with Now to Love in April 2018.
Now, almost a year later, the pair have both moved on.
Lisa and Damon have been dating since mid-way through last year, making it official on the gram in October and as for Luke...
"I'm doing well," Luke told Now to Love. "Focusing on my meditation work and helping people with anxiety."
"As to whether I'm seeing anyone at the moment, I'd rather keep that private for now," he added.
Hmmm... this sounds a little suss but also, a little exciting!
Most recently, Luke was spotted with Channel 10 star and Dr Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend, Liv Phyland, on a road trip in Byron Bay with some other friends, and when asked about it, he simply said:
"We're friends!"
Luke runs Soul Society, a guided meditation business. (Image: Instagram)
It seems Luke has done a lot of inward reflection since his previous high-profile relationship - and we can see why it's important for him to keep his private life, well, private.
Although, as it is with reality TV shows, Luke understands that "people were interested in their relationship".
In a brutally raw interview last April, he shared his side of the story with Now to Love.
"There's always two sides to a story and I have a lot of respect for Lisa," he said at the time.
"I don't want to talk too much about it. There has be some level of dealing with the relationship – just the two of us."
"I was really disappointed that someone had violated our trust and shared the message," he added. "But we also need to accept responsibility for the actions we took in our relationship. We've spoken about it. We're civil now."