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Lisa Curry adds a new tattoo to her collection, and it has the most beautiful meaning

The symbolism is heartwarming.

By Catie Powers
Lisa Curry has debuted her new tattoo and it has a beautiful meaning behind it.
Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the former Olympian shared a close up photo of her arm, proudly displaying a freshly tatted pink dragonfly.
"New ink 🌸," Lisa, 59, wrote in the caption, before explaining the meaning behind the body art.
"A dragonfly symbol represents hope, change, transformation and self- realisation. It's a reminder to shed more light and joy in life, to love life, to rejoice and have faith amidst difficulties. It reminds you not to remain in the dark or the shadows."
Lisa Curry debuted her new dragonfly tattoo. (Image: Instagram)
Lisa went on to say that dragonflies symbolise when "you're ready for a change in your life".
"This is me today.😥," she added. "The spiritual meaning is the light of God. It also means looking within and dancing – just like a dragonfly.
"To a warrior and fighter, a dragonfly tattoo represents agility, power, speed, victory, and courage."
The former athlete ended her post by explaining that seeing a dragonfly in the flesh "serve(s) as a reminder to live life to the fullest and appreciate every moment.
"Thank you for my few minutes of pain @danielbrandttattoos."
"To a warrior and fighter, a dragonfly tattoo represents agility, power, speed, victory, and courage." (Image: Instagram)
The tattoo follows a tough couple of years for Lisa, who has grappled with the deaths of her beloved daughter, Jaimi, in September 2020, and mother, Pat, in March 2022.
Since the tragedy of losing her 33-year-old daughter, Lisa has been candid about her grieving process with her fans, saying that she "lost herself".
"But each day I try to continue on, one step at a time to get things done, to continue being a mother, a grannie, a wife, a friend, a business owner… at times distracting myself so much that I can't think of anything… but then the quiet times come and everything comes flooding back, every feeling, every memory and I feel like I'm drowning in the pain… and I just can't … do anything.
"But each day there are times when it's ok… for a little while and I guess those little times will eventually get a little longer."
Lisa is about to become a grandmother-of-three as her daughter Morgan prepares to welcome her third child. (Image: Instagram)
A monumental form of solace for Lisa is her two grandsons, Flynn and Taj, whom she is constantly doting over.
Just recently, the I'm A Celeb alum shared her excitement as she prepares to come a grandmother-of-three.
In preparation of her daughter Morgan welcoming her third baby, Lisa took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her joy at the growing brood.
Sharing a video of Morgan's in which her two kids cuddled into her burgeoning baby bump, Lisa captioned the sweet footage: "everyone is getting excited about a new bubba soon!!!"
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