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Lisa Curry admits she's struggling being away from her husband while still grieving her beloved mum and daughter

''I feel sick in the stomach and I’m having trouble holding back the tears.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Lisa Curry has admitted she's struggling being away from her husband Mark Tabone in a raw Instagram post.
The former Olympian, who is currently on tour promoting her memoir, explained that she is missing her other half and continues to grieve her late mother Pat and daughter Jaimi.
"Now more than ever I need my hubby by my side, but when he can't be, I just have to stay strong," she penned on Wednesday.
Lisa is currently away from her husband Mark while she promotes her new memoir. (Image: Instagram)
"It's a challenge every time. For some reason, being on my own has been really difficult at times.
"I'm understanding so much more now, that when people feel down or anxious, they need someone near them to reassure them and be there for them."
The 59-year-old said she had "a little meltdown" while travelling interstate on a press tour for her biography Lisa, A memoir - 60 years of Life, Love & Loss.
Lisa's mother Pat passed away in March. (Image: Instagram)
"My new book is coming out very soon, so doing PR for it is usually the fun part, but for me, the thought of having to confront the questions and discussions is already weighing heavily on me," she said.
"I feel sick in the stomach and I'm having trouble holding back the tears."
Lisa's candid admission comes after her beloved mother Pat passed away on March 3 while she was already dealing with the grief of losing her daughter Jaimi in 2020.
Pat died after some time in an aged care facility, which went into lockdown for over a month during the worst of the COVID-19 omicron outbreak.
Fortunately, she was able to return to see her mother before her death, which left the family devastated.
Lisa's daughter Jaimi, whom she shares with ex-husband Grant Kenny, died on September 14, 2020, aged 33, after losing her battle with a long-term illness.
The family have kept Jaimi's memory alive through regular tributes to her on social media and in-person memorials on the anniversary of her death.
Lisa is grieving the death of her daughter Jaimi and mother Pat. (Image: Instagram)
Two weeks after Pat's passing, Lisa announced she would be dedicating her new memoir to her mother.
The mother-of-three revealed that sadly, Pat never got to the chance to read the finished copy.
"My mum saw the book, contributed to the book but sadly didn't get to read it. Dedicated to you mum 😞🥰👼," Lisa wrote on Instagram.
"I have every intention of living a long happy life but if for some reason I don't, my story so far has been told. And I am very grateful."
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