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Lindsay Lohan kicks Egor Tarabasov out of her apartment

Her Russian beau has been spotted moving his things out of her house, just as Lindsay's dad claims she is pregnant.

By Elizabeth Best
Is Lindsay Lohan finally going to have a bit of smooth sailing?
After the recent dramas surrounding her and her fiancé Egor Tarabasov, the actress was spotted relaxing on a yacht in Sardinia… while Egor was spotted moving his possessions out of her house.
The Mean Girls star, whose life has been the centre of much controversy over the past few days, was seen looking calmer than she has seemed, smoking a cigarette surrounded by her gal pals.
Meanwhile her 23-year-old fiancé (or is that former fiancé?) was busy moving many of his possessions out of Lindsay’s flat in Knightsbridge, London.
See the explosive fight that led to her kicking him out. Warning: may contain distressing images. Post continues.
Egor was spotted lugging suitcases from her house under the watchful eye of Lindsay's bodyguard.
While Lindsay escaped the situation by boarding a yacht with friends.
The Russian mogul reportedly looked somber as he moved several suitcases, suit jackets and snowboarding equipment out of the apartment, with the help of a friend.
It was all under the watchful eye of the 30-year-old redhead’s bodyguard.
The couple have had a very troubling few days.
Lindsay accused her fiance of being abusive.
Meanwhile, Lindsay's dad has reportedly confirmed the star IS pregnant.
Rumours swirled of her impending arrival when the actress posted the news on social media, but as it was in the middle of her outburst, many didn't know if the post was serious or not.
Lindsay's father Michael spoke to Page Six TV and claimed his daughter told him over text message she was expecting.
According to the report, the actress texted her father: "Daddy, I’m pregnant."
“She texted it to me and told me … I don’t know [how far along she is]," Michael explained.
Are these two really going to be parents?
The 54-year-old said he wasn't aware how far along she was.
"It's going to be up to her what she decides to do. It's troubling. It's troubling that she is pregnant," Michael explained in a separate interview with the MailOnline.
This follows an incident where police were called to the couple’s home, where they allegedly kicked down the door after the troubled actress accused her lover of physical abuse.
See the whole saga unfold in the clip below.

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