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Former Home & Away star Lincoln Younes opens up about his next big gig

The former soap star is the latest Aussie making a splash in the US talent pool.

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The Riviera Grand is the last family owned hotel in Miami Beach, with its guests revelling in luxury and the staff mired in scandal and secrets!
Add Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, 44, and Home and Away's Lincoln Younes into the mix, and the result is addictive, glitzy drama… in Grand Hotel.
"I think it's fun – there isn't anything like it on TV at the moment," shares Lincoln, 27.
"It's nice to have something that you can sit down and watch and escape for an hour and enjoy yourself."
He plays Danny, a recently employed waiter who has an ulterior motive to investigate his sister's disappearance.
Lincoln's new show is unique, he tells. (Channel Nine)
"Danny catches the eye of the hotel owner's daughter Alicia, much to the disapproval of his boss," says the actor.
"It becomes a game of is he being sincere or is he manipulating everyone for his own purposes? The characters in the first few episodes are not the same characters at the end of the series."
Lincoln worked closely with Eva, who produces the show and takes a guest role as Beatriz Mendoza.
"She's one of the most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet," he enthuses.
"She's generous, she's engaged and she wants to help – and [her 14-month-old son] Santi became our little producer. I've become an unofficial babysitter!"
The former Home and Away hunk is making waves in the US these days! (Instagram / @iamlincolnyounes)

Will he return to Home and Away?

The Braxton brothers were a breath of fresh air when they arrived in Summer Bay in 2011, taking over Home and Away with their dramatic storylines and general hunkiness.
"I felt very lucky that I had that experience, with the calibre of actors I was around," says the star.
But as for a return?
"I'd wanna come back as Alf!" grins Lincoln.
Well, stranger things have happened…
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