LIFE celebrates Grace Kelly's 85th birthday with rarely seen photos

Grace Kelly would be 85 on November 12 so to celebrate we look back on the life of a Hollywood movie star who went on to become a Princess.

Happy birthday Princess Grace Kelly!
Before Kate and Wills and Charles and Di, there was Grace – Princess Grace.
She was the iconic Hollywood actress who turned her back on Tinseltown to marry the love of her life, Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
Following two 1956 ceremonies – civil and religious – America's sweetheart went on to become a Princess of the pint-size principality that is Monaco and despite her sudden death from injuries stemming from a car accident in 1982, the legacy of Grace Kelly has endured.
So, to celebrate what would have been Princess Grace's 85th birthday on November 12 LIFE Magazine has shared a number of rare and unpublished photos of Kelly and her husband.
As LIFE writes, "The tale of the American movie star and Philadelphia native marrying the prince of a small, sensationally wealthy city-state was simply too perfect to ignore."
Before Grace's death the Grimaldi's enjoyed a marriage spanning 26 years and the Princess gave birth to the couple's three children – Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie.
Here's a look back at some of the images that made the world fall in love with Grace Kelly.

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