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Liev Schreiber’s sweet birthday message to Naomi Watts – day after announcing split

It was just three simple words but what words they are.

It's always nice to see an amicable, respectful split - and it looks like that's how the break-up of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber is going to pan out. They do both come across as a humble, respectful, private couple, so it seems their split will be likewise.
It was Naomi Watts' 48th birthday yesterday and she put up a couple of posts on her Instagram account to mark the occasion including this gorgeous one of her in a vintage pram - she hashtagged it 1970s, but our maths says it's more like late 1960s.

She captioned it: "Another birthday!! #eek But I think I'm younger than this #vintage stroller?? Not quite sure what's happening here... #eek #70's #photoop #oldschool #raisedbyartists."
And it was under this image that her former partner of 11 years, and father of her two children, Sasha, 8, and Samuel, 7, wrote this: "Happy Birthday Sweetheart".
This little gesture didn't get unnoticed - even her fans got excited and one even expressed hopes that Liev and Naomi would reconcile.
Naomi also posted this picture marking her birthday:

Meanwhile, E News have reported on the split, quoting sources, saying it's been a long time coming but the pair would continue to be good friends and co-parent their two kids. Apparently they struggled with the distance - he has been based in LA shooting his hit TV series Ray Donovan while she has been based in New York.
Liev himself was quoted in the past week talking about the struggles of he and Naomi finding tome together. "That has been one of the things that have been really, really hard for Naomi and I. To find time for each other and to make time for each other," the actor said in an interview. "'I think that is what makes a successful relationship."

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