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Liam Neeson reveals he’s found love again!

Seven years ago, the Irish movie star lost his wife Natasha Richardson in the most unthinkable circumstances. And finally, a new leading lady in his life has him smiling again.

At 63, Liam has fallen head over heels for a woman he describes as “incredibly famous.”
In an interview with the Irish Independent, he revealed the happy news, saying, “I’d embarrass her if I said her name.”
While his superstar's new love remains a mystery for now, it’s clear the actor is head over heels for her.
Liam and Natasha were married for 15 years.
“I’ll have to do my best for her [on Valentine’s Day],” Liam said. “It’s amazing how far a freshly picked bunch of flowers will go in a lady’s life, I find.”
The star weathered the unthinkable heartbreak of losing wife of 15 years Natasha – the mother of their two sons – in 2009 after a skiing accident in Quebec, Canada.
The 45-year-old was taking a beginner’s lesson when she fell and hit her head. She remained conscious immediately after the accident, even refusing medical attention twice, including from paramedics at the scene.
Three hours later she went to a nearby hospital complaining of a headache, and was flown to Lenox Hill hospital in New York.
She died two days later of a severe brain bleed – what was described in layman’s terms as “talk-and-die syndrome.”
Liam and their sons Micheal and Daniel spoke of their “shock and devastation” at the time.
Liam with his son, Micheal.
Michael, now 20, even admitted that his life spiralled out of control after losing his mum when he was 13.
“I was going out, partying a lot. Looking for self-gratification. I wanted to be the man, doing these drugs,” he says.
“But looking back, I realise it was a delayed reaction.”
He revealed that in 2014 he “hit rock bottom” and entered rehab.

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